Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing but Managers...

alright, it has been a while since my last posting to this blog... well, here we go after several months of absence ;)

Chris McMahon talks in the last post on his blog about something that seems to be symptomatic for our business nowadays: There are too many managers around and everyone (well, almost everyone...) wants be one of that lot. OK, getting paid like a manager certainly doesn't seem to be a bad thing ;)

On the other hand most big IT consulting companies are "struggling" from too high personnel costs (with all their managers, which are usually not that productive, since they "only" manage the productive staff). So whats their masterplan? offshore outsourcing! The "expensive" onsite staff has to become managers as well of course - instead of beeing productive as an expert in the actual doing (doing? wazzat? i know meetings, reporting and did i mention meetings? but doing... puh... dunno).

so it's only too understandable why it's getting harder to find real experts for a job instead of one of those manager guys. having that said i should add that i took (and passed :-)) the ISTQB advanced level - test management exam earlier this year (along with some colleagues @work) - with not much perspective in the doing way (remember: "experts" are hired in India nowadays) we have to play after the rules after all i guess. misa sad :-|

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