Sunday, August 26, 2007

Music to automate Tests by

While a colleague of mine used to listen to Ennio Morricone during the execution of a load test - i always prefered rather harsh sounds like Death Metal when i was watching my army of virtual users marching into battle ;-)

Now that i'm older and (not that much ;-)) wiser it's Prog Rock what i enjoy most as soundtrack to my daily work. I noticed this the first time when i was working on automated regression tests for a german eGovernment project (which was sadly a little bit too often featured on the german IT news site Albums of bands like Sieges Even and Riverside made my day during that time :-)
So, what sounds do you enjoy during your daily work as a test engineer? If someone actually is reading this blog, feel free to use the comments to this post for a reply... ;-) 


David Zerrenner said...

Well, people who know me will know also that my sense for music can be... strange. But besides some plain rock i enjoy some good R&B songe (good means not commerical most of the times...)

Its not easy to say which music sounds good while making some load. Maybe also some classical opera tunes (not the browser folks...) like Wagner's Götterdämmerung (ötterdämmerung) would be nice.

Also some electonic music would be self evident in this case, or even goth rock (sadly for the SUT if it crashes under load..)

There seem so many possibilities like there are load testers in the business. So just play what you are into that day, and all will be fine :)

Christian said...

whee! someone is actually reading my blog ;-)

phoenix said...

someTWO, actually

Christian said...

Well I also prefer this "Metal Thing" ... ;)

And: Nice that here´s something happening again! :)

And for the poll I´m missing "test tool developed by my company", which will hopefully soon become Open Source, but anyway!

Christian said...

@chriss: sorry, i forgot about inhouse test autpmation solutions. unfortunately blogger won't let me change the poll because there are already votes...